Interior decoration

Housing home decoration starts with the internal wall insulation polystyrene foam or mineral wool. Although the insulation on the outside wall is more effective, but not always insulated and the internal and external walls at the same time. Interior decoration initiated a thorough stripping walls of various kinds of dirt - removable plaster detached, Remove the electrical switches and sockets. If the wall insulation is carried out with polystyrene, additional adhesive glue boards, fasteners, reinforcing mesh. Cosmetic home decoration or cosmetic repairs can be carried out and the walls nešiltinant, but in this case significantly reduce the heating efficiency. When the wall is ready for gluing, left to take care of the vapor barrier and extra ventilation. When all is done, it remains on the plate pour glue reinforcement, to smooth out and glued to the wall plate. When the glue dries, can be mounted fastening elements, make the reinforcement grid.
Internal wall insulation mineral wool is performed as otherwise, such insulation is a long way. Mineral wool thermal properties far better than polystyrene, wool has excellent sound insulation properties. Šiltinant wall vata, by making a wooden or metal frame to which the profile effort to remove cracks laid wool and covered with drywall panels. The gypsum boards made home decoration. Plasterboard wall or ceiling mounted quickly, well they conceal various bumps. Interior decoration, when the walls are covered with gypsum boards, simple and does not require special preparation. If the walls are covered with wallpaper, internal decoration of short duration. It is enough to cover the seams flat mesh and plaster. How much more time will have to spend, if the walls will be painted. Wall painting walls require especially careful alignment and preparation. That the internal decoration is carried out, the premises must be a certain temperature. If installing walls temperature irrelevant, repaint the walls of this temperature can be neither too low, nor too high, otherwise you may suffer paint quality result.
Wall insulation and installation domestic work may be carried out, when there is a finished floor. Floor Repairing, especially if there is an old base, must first be removed fragile parts, Wash the dirt, dust and greasy stains. Floor internal preparatory work begins on the floor waterproofing - existing between the base and the new floor constructed film, which not only prevents moisture, but also reduces the different probability of cracks in the concrete, made mesh reinforcement and concreting. Išbetonavus floor can be carried further inland repair. Internal repair - is a wall, ceiling plastering, comparison, Filling the seams, domestic work - Wall covering wallpaper, wall painting.
Special attention and careful preparation and calculation requires bathroom decoration. Prior to that,, until you make bathroom decorating, it is necessary to make sure, or all necessary electric wires, water, sewer, ventilation and heating inlets. Later, you've done the bathroom decoration, will be too late to lay sewer pipes or electrical conductive trace. Bathtub Refinishing to hide all the cables and pipes. Bathroom finishing preparatory work carried out in the same sequence, Like all other interior finishing works. Concrete flooring is also done, as in all indoor, except in the following cases, routed when heated floors. Wall mounted bathroom moisture resistant gypsum boards.
Dreams to expand the living space, it is advisable to install the balcony of the room. Balcony decoration does not require large investments. Glazed balcony finishing is performed in the same sequence, as well as other indoor decoration. If you are not glazed balcony, but his appearance require repair, then performed as in the balcony decoration and other outdoor decoration.


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