The Pond Pond digging

Pond, The Pond digging and installation requires some knowledge and experience of course. For ponds, The Pond excavation is carried out lawfully, must first be made Design and installation work. Only then will be able to be carried out excavation, Ironing, relief formation, waterproofing coatings work. Pond, The Pond digging ends Decoration and decorating work - built in a variety of shapes and structures of water bridges and terraces, performed decoration, accepted Stone decor decisions shall. Pond, The Pond digging can be carried out without pre-prepared draft, if the size of the pond will be mined in more than 3 veil. 3 ares Ponds, prūdų digging project and does not require special permits approved. However, larger than 3 acres of water bodies necessary permits to dig dig ponds and ponds alignment drafting. Pond, The Pond digging, Preparatory excavation start as soon as the necessary permits, selecting the location of the pond, built waterproofing, pond equipment, cleaning and maintenance, protection against accidents. Pond, Prudy formation, even if their size and does not 3 ares, can not be carried out at national or regional park, Reserve or Reserve, before the start of the work necessary to go to the city council.
Pond, Prudy formation carried out according to the area covered, soil. Water body size and depth, gradient affects the body of water intended. Depth and slope steepness relevant then, the deposit will be bred fish. Pond, Prudy formation depends on the size of the plot, very important, it harmoniously adapt to the surrounding environment. If excavated pond small size plot close to home, best to have it excavated the site at the rear of the house are visible through the windows of the cottage garden.
Using a powerful technique you can dig up any size and shape you want the pond or a great pond. First of all excavated pond duobė, formed terrain and coastal pond, coast gradients, laid waterproofing coating. After the excavation work, banks of water bodies, installed on bridges, request - the cascade, Waterfalls, Inlet water in streams. During the construction and formation of small decorative ponds, performed foundation trench excavation. Foundation trench excavation required and the formation of an artificial dam water. Foundations in which case dug pretty deep, much below the water level of the bottom, the foundations are installed masonry blocks, slopes fixed and decorated with stones. Foundation trench excavation inevitable and shallow mini pool, where ground water does not reach the, filled with water or naturally prilyja. Dug up and the unloading of the foundation, small water bodies must be waterproof, performed vulcanizing PVC membrane. Decorative small water stocks finish with small stones covering, large pond and Pond - large natural outdoor stones. During installation of any size body of water, it is advisable to think about the cleaning algae, various bacteria - installed pond cleaning for equipment, Water Filters, Percolator debris.
Bodies of water - The Pond, ponds for bathing, admire, breeding of fish, but the water is shallow, surface and is not suitable for human consumption, This is to drink, cooking. People, living in households and without water, begin to think - where to get water? The only solution is to have your water - wells. Well construction can be done in two ways - the ancient way, when the well is excavated using a shovel. True, Manual wells it takes a lot of time and require a lot of strength, the more, the people behind this trade is limited. Shovel dug wells ini recently considered obsolete, but modern deep wells has also severely naturalize. Submersible drilling There are still a novelty, their installation cost ferry times more than conventional wells installation.


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