Wall niches cut

Niches in the walls were used in ancient times still very, they were used to decorate the church, castles and homes of rich people. Currently wall niches cut too common phenomenon. They are decorated with, come in many different forms, has a wealth of new applications. Wall niches cut can be used in any style of home, to create a more customized interiors. Niches in the walls can be used as decorations or as a hole to get to other rooms. Hole in the wall and niche view of the structural elements, practically no difference, as niche and the same hole. Wall niches cut based on mathematical calculations, have not changed since ancient times, Technology has changed only, appeared more complex formulas, new, Trim used in building materials.
Recently, common man, performing their flat or house repairs, pondered on the possibilities in niches, so wall niches cut currently popular phenomenon. Niches in the walls provides a great opportunity to get rid of įgrisusių door and enlarge the same and see as much housing space. Wall niches cutting becomes a salvation, the housing space is limited, occupy a large part of the room or house door layout is wrong - there are a few small rooms, which it is impossible to build a larger cabinet, and walking through them reminds walk labyrinths. In this case, wall niches cutting is necessary, in order to feel better environment and personal space, you can easily move, at least visually expand the space of the house. It should be borne in mind, the niche in the wall, especially if the wall is a "major (carrier), can be cut only with the project and with the express permission. This is true not only in blocks of flats, which the owners of apartments lawlessness and projects without permits and ruined walls of the house leads to the state of emergency, but the old building and individual home. This does not affect the construction of new housing, projects with wall niches are already pre-designed. Modern housing niches in the walls have become indispensable, they provide a visual spaces and at the same time to connect, creates a sense of continuity of space.
However, what, If you live in an old construction accommodation. If housing - house or apartment at brick walls or concrete, and a wooden frame or, niche in the wall to install a relatively easy. Concrete Wall usually can withstand heavy loads, so concrete walls, partition unraveling may do more harm than good. Concrete bulkheads unraveling may take place only after some calculations, certainly, upon receipt of the necessary permits, otherwise the consequences could feel all housing, may begin to crack and cracks all home construction. Of wood or frame house, built in niches in the wall a lot easier to install, in particular, that some of the walls are not used as supporting structure, they play only the role of the housing partition. Frame or log partition striping done very quickly, enough to the wall to the appropriate cutting tool to cut the selected location and after finish, niche in the wall completed. If this fails to act immediately, can be carried out and wall niches demolition. Wall niches demolition saves and then, when it indentations, understand, anticipated that the result is not so, as expected - a niche in the wall is too small, solid sense of space, Niche or not done in the most suitable place. It may be the case, that the change in real-life situations, occur in closed space need. In this case, wall niches just inevitable destruction. Concrete wall niche made possible simply walled up with bricks, karkasinėje or log wall cut-out niche is easy to cover the installation of the frame.


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