Landscape Design

Beautiful environment itself does not, it requires a lot of work, sacrifice a lot of free time, have special knowledge. Beautiful, surroundings, in other words landšaftas, delights, remain, attract passerby. Landscape Design very important starting environmental management plan. Landscape Design takes place in stages. The first phase of the preparatory works, which analyzes the geodesic plot photos, determined by soil composition and moisture. Environmental Management, landscape design facilitates the development area workflows, work to provide the necessary structure. The second stage takes place in the rough Landscape Design, which designed tracks, small waters, proposed location, which will be hedgerows, dwarf-tossing trees and all other vegetation. The third stage Landscape Design continued marking the site works - designed retaining walls installation, small architectural elements construction, determined fertile soil needed and at the soil needs, are planned its construction work, marked local, which will be equipped with lighting system. These three stages Landscape design is completed, the actual start of Landscape or in other words the creation of landscape works.
Landscaping for work on the initial stage of the main plot of comparison. Land leveling does not have to be carried out, a mechanized means, especially in the case of, If the plot is small, most accurate iki 10 ares. In order to provide planting vegetation luxuriant growth and greener, necessary to cover a good vegetable plot layer. Plants grow best take and chernozems or peat and soil mixture poured with land plots. Need to calculate how thick the layer is poured, much they pour square meters of land and bring a bit more, than estimated. Soil will take place in, where the plants will be planted, planted a lawn. Transporting soil and flare plot comparison still only comes into. Scheduled and landscape design designed tracks tracks and takes a considerable amount of gravel and crushed stone. Tracks, where it will be walked, poured 20 cm layer of gravel and 10-12 cm thick layer. At the entrance to the yard, car in the parking lot of gravel and rubble poured a double layer of gravel and crushed stone.
Upon completion of the site grading, switching to a plant, tree planting, plot area of ​​separation from the surrounding land. If landšafto by design does not provide for erection of fences, But I want to hide from outsiders, is a great way to Hedge planting. Hedges, as we know it, grows rapidly, their cultivation and maintenance simple. Hedges after the expiry of the soil grading. There is a great mixed mode, the plot area is a band is placed around fence posts, and between them carried hedges.
Un parcel boundaries, remains fix courtyard, taking into account the, what is provided in the project - Garden, rockery, small architecture. If there is a garden designed, can be carried out tree planting, Planting. Recently, all people are attracted to nature, and have a small garden or in the park near his home, is almost everybody's dream, so tree planting fitting the outdoor environment is inevitable. If landscaping is very small plot, great decorative option is a dwarf-tossing tree planting.
So as an artist last brush stroke, This processing is finished and the landscape are left grass planting and Planting different colors of vegetation. Lawn planting is one of the major highlights of, as a green lawn is one of the main highlights of the cozy atmosphere.
Lawn commonly planted in yards, gardens, enters there at home and other places. Installation and grass planting is not a simple matter, it is necessary to think over before planting lawn watering drainage systems need. If a small area of ​​lawn watering is possible to manually, This is a large area of ​​lawn watering irrigation system is needed.


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