Apartment repair

After buying a new apartment, hiring of residential premises for a longer period of time most of the first resort apartment repairs. Release of all savings for housing, apartment repair funds for owners usually borrow. In order to purposefully manipulate the resulting credit, Professionals give advice Elementary - not to rush and to live as far as new housing.

This advice is given to, that is your opinion susiformuotumėte: or will remain in the same apartment wall, or will be scheduled when the erode, as well as what kind of furniture will be needed, where they will be built, and the like. Specialists quips and points to keep in mind, the apartment must be "incorporated" and a vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, even in the winter accumulation of reserves - jams, compotes reminds. These items require a considerable amount of space - it is therefore necessary to consider, where they will be kept.
In order to start an apartment repairs, primarily, The role of the imagination and provide should look like the same layout of the apartment. It is recommended to perform the measurement room. This work - which should be on the "Whatman” the simple math notebook paper designed an apartment view, specifying furniture, Bulky household appliances, video and audio equipment, etc.. Specialists recommend to do a little game: plotting paper furniture and other items , and then cutting them out of paper would be possible to design the layout of the apartment space. The organization of the workshop – saves the time aspect of the furniture perstumdimo, as well as savings of physical force.
Many of us purchase a home overwhelmed by uncertainty, when owners simply do not know where to start apartment repairs. Based on the recommendations of the experts, advisable to first engage in the most dust and debris pose INCREASING works: floor leveling, wall joint patching (if the old building housing), Comparison of wall, heating appliance replacement, plastic window, door installation, wiring, pipeline replacement and other work.
The apartment repair experts recommend first, the builders fitted bathroom and toilet facilities. The bath is recommended to change, redesign fixtures, and before laying the floor tiles need to provide or bathroom floor is heated. After the installation of these rooms - recommended to go to the electrical installation. The evaluation, what places are furniture, appliances should be provided if enough existing sockets. To update the existing home heating system and replace the radiator, it is important to predict whether the apartment repair work in the future will still be required welding, without having to re-call specialists, rent equipment.
After this stage it is recommended to make the walls, grading the floor and only then it is advisable to engage in pipeline amendment (if the property is an old building or the former owners did not impact on the appearance). When is corrected during the construction of an error - you can plan door, Installation of windows. After this stage bleaching sequence ceilings and works glaistimo. Laid in the floor, plastered on the wall wallpaper. Specialists reminds, that the bute remontą do not forget to disconnect the electrical connection. If you purchased a balcony accommodation, loggia - recommended in apartment repair At the end of the work installed in these rooms, because these spaces total repair time will be considered as construction materials, construction waste, repairs necessary tools.
Sure, the work sequence is only one of the many specialist approach to the works rankings. Homeowners themselves have the right to choose where to start maintenance work.


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