About Us

Your main construction activities are : individual houses construction, residential, apartments, offices, premises, Renovation, reconstruction, repair, indoor and outdoor finish, also provide counseling, measurement, Design, installation (demontavimo), repair in apartment and private homes, Commercial, in industrial, office premises services. Pilame, mount monolithic,driller, tape, block, prefabricated foundations. Foundations This is home base, can say the soul of the house.
Your building has : implementing the highest quality of even the most complex construction work.
Your objectives in building construction work : always on time and qualified to perform the work, the client to ensure the highest quality, to provide maximum comfort for future gyventojams.Mes cherish every customer. Our task - is to satisfy all your desires, needs, expectations and ideas into reality. To strive to secure quality, new range of products, teaching staff, investing in equipment and tools, continually improving operations, installing new technologies, implementation of new projects. Your construction staffed by trained professionals, knowledgeable and familiar with his work and the specifics of the task, You are happy to serve and help. Veržlus, youthful and qualified staff, led by experienced professionals, ensure the highest quality of work. Recent technology and years of experience of managers – This is the basis to be competitive in any business environment. Modern work organization and management solutions consist of key assumptions to reduce costs and achieve operational efficiency. Excellent team morale and motivation of the material encourages every employee to work just fine, or even the most important geriau.Mums, that the house was built,itsrepaired, reconstructed apartment to be comfortable, warm and economical. The success of your construction activities are based – long-term cooperation, reliability, with particular emphasis on the service, and product quality. Always try to be a good and reliable partner for our customers: offer flexible terms, maximum attention to customer preferences.
Your building has considerable experience in the production of wood products. Construction timber, boards, various wood products – This is only a small number of products of wood, that we can produce, Book your clients .Fencing Networks, tvorinės section, metal, wooden poles, concrete and other fence – This is an incomplete list, could be to list and more. This direction is chosen quite recently. We thought about the user and, resident, investor – we want to focus the widest range of materials, used to fence. The fence has always been an integral part of the Lithuanian personal home and happy, when to offer the widest possible list of each, according to his taste and vision, and yet the assembly service, done by your building.
A lot of attention is given knowledge stone decoration works , Stone is a very old and reliable building material, tastefully integrated into the construction sector, Stone is a durable material, which is knowledgeable of their work and the subtleties pleased lovely work. Decorative stones - used both in the field, and internal finishes. Fasadams, pamatams, pertvaroms, kolonoms, individual sections of the wall, fireplaces, sites and staircase decorations,Prudy pond shaping, other decorative works. It is also a stone can perfectly protect the surface from dirt, lesions may serve, as protection from the heat or cold. This is one of the few materials, which no further than the requirements of architects, neither designers nor masters. We help to create a cozy and comfortable home. Interior project resolves all the furniture layout, lighting, plumbing equipment layout and color combinations questions. Your arrange for the construction of the building as suitable for use (delivery of the building). We carry out building maintenance. We handle all related documents. We prepare landscape projects, We select the optimal variants of land for afforestation.


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