Stone fireplaces

As explained dictionary, fireplace is open to the fireplace in the room and, it is one of the oldest indoor heating methods. Most of the focus when we understand a whole, but the focus is not made up of one part, it consists of broken, firebox lintel,and chimney hood (called forehead). Fireplace installed in the middle of the room, to the wall or in the wall. However, this is not a rule - the fireplace can be installed in the field, but it is designed to not only roast bake, but other functions. This is the original, comfortable and practical living environment decorative element. Its nice to spend a cool evening with loved ones, Friends, watch the noisy fire, the falling autumn leaves, warm up. Frequent install a fireplace in your backyard arbor, in the fall of rain can spend time together with loved ones as creating a cozy atmosphere.
The following are the most frequently foci Types: open (Such fireplaces are not designed to heat a small room and usually built outside), fireplace as a heating device (This fireplace with a minor in the combustion chamber, a principle of heat transfer is heated, an array or a stream of hot air), as well as fireplaces, furnaces, are suitable for indoor use, where the constant need to keep the heat.
One of the most popular material for the fireplace crushed stone and crushed stone. In most cases such Fireplace construction work practioners, who are engaged not only in stone fireplace construction, and any other Stone works. Mostly stone fireplaces is constructed using the so-called fire (Soap) stone. The primary fire (Soap) Stone fireplace-oven feature is ecology, which is especially important in these times of high pollution. Other such stone fireplace Advantages of the economy and a pleasant heat release. Such stones used to build the fireplace species are resistant to high temperatures, as well as a special ability to accumulate heat (can be compared to rechargeable batteries). These facts are recognized by all the world's hotspots builders, who usually works with fire and building stone fireplaces.
To mingle with nature and get authenticated, Fireplace builders performing Stone work, build them using the Find box broken stones a stone divide. Outdoor stone fireplaces also popular in Lithuania, This popularity is probably associated with the Lithuanian national identity feature - agriculture and natural desire for substances, which gives us the nature. Such Stone work, intended for the development of the natural stone fireplace is not only great experts in the field, but particle meninikai, because the natural stone is not readily susceptible to changing forms of natural building materials.
It is often used in home fireplaces are not only carrying out his true purpose, but is an interior decoration part. Fireplaces homes come in all shapes, and also decorated with a variety of decorative elements - ranging from clay fired and a variety of patterned tiles, completion of the mosaics dėliotomis crushed stone or larger broken stones.
Advise, that stone fireplaces favorable to the construction of summer, because hearth must mūryti, masonry and mortar dries best seasonal. When it is hot outside and the sun is shining - the fireplace will be built much faster and will be more robust, especially if it is erected in stone. It should also be mentioned, the outdoor fireplace (Unlike indoor standing fireplace) required for stable foundation, which should be about 1,2 - 1,5 m gylio. In, and also need to think about standing outside the focal color (such problems do not cause domestic conditions built fireplaces), because fireplace quickly soots, perdažynėti and every year the focus will not be easy. It would be a wise decision can be a long time to enjoy a cozy indoor or outdoor fireplace heat from.


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