Stone fences

The main purpose of the fence - to distinguish between the personal and the holding area. Fence not only shows all around the start and end of your plot boundaries, but also protects the area from unwanted guests, foreign visit, provides a sense of security. Beautiful, aesthetic, quality materials built fence attracted the attention of passers-by, while his host apart from all the surrounding. That fence is not only beautiful, but durable, is the option of stone fences. Stone fences look attractive, but also serves a very long time, resistant to adverse weather and corrosion. Stone fences, especially when they are attuned to the facade of the house and the environment as a whole, creates a perfect aesthetic appearance.
Stone, from the construction of a stone fence, is a natural solid structure, consisting of one or more minerals. Parties, which is extracted and imported all over the world, including in Lithuania, This building material, Russia, Ukrainian, Kazakhstan, Italy, Turkey, Spain, U.S., India, Mexico, Greece, Canada and other. As our country is also found in coal, Stone fences and built from locally occurring stone. The stones come in different forms, sizes, identified by color, hardness, forms. Stone is a natural, which may have an adverse reaction to chemical cleaners, so the stone fences must be cleaned only with special care for stone therapy. According to the types of stones are divided into four categories, This sedimentary, metamnorphic, volcanic and man-made.
Stone fences or their individual columns can be are set by the individual boulder, broken or finished stone. You can choose and easier option - a stone fence to choose from already prepared fence blocks with a natural stone finish. This option lately due to the relatively low cost and ease of installation is particularly popular. The same or different shades of the fence installation ready for just blocks display themselves and fastened to the desired height, between them built wrought, wood fence, or even easier - just planted a dense hedge. Stone coated finish blocks serve quite long compared, but still comparable to the durability of natural stone, the latter looks pleasantly surprised unchanged for decades or even centuries. Stone cladding can be decorated not only the fence, but the walls and arbors, stairs, cokoliai, exterior tracks, can be carried out and an outdoor fireplace trim. Certain fragments of stone fences finishing echoing other environmental areas, creates a seamless project.
The most popular stone, used to build a fence, the sandstone. Sandstone - it is sedimentary rock, composed of sand-sized grains of minerals and other rock debris, distinguished mechanical strength and easy processability. Fence construction can be used for crushed stone. Masonry columns are commonly used in granite, various fractions, crushed stone, mostly imported from Belarus and Ukraine quarries. Crushed stone may be used for other environmental components, tracks such as exterior decorating.
Stone fences that serve a long time and look aesthetically, it must be built properly. Construction begins with the base installation. Base depth must be no less, than the depth of freezing soil. The foundation must be horizontal isolated from moisture and calcium entry, masonry columns to be used in cold-resistant adhesive or mortar, masonry elements must be ductile concrete pour. In conclusion, the construction of the fence constructed of masonry and columns must be covered with canopies, after construction remaining grout residue and contamination are removed with special cleaners. This is the main building of the fence conditions, Further to the, fence not only serve long, but also look aesthetically.


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