Stone pavements

Yard at the base unnecessarily recommended for paving stone. Concrete paving - tiles, trinkeles, need to keep careful maintenance, paving stone - on the contrary, natural stone or even completely at very carefully supervised, covered with natural moss and it was in the natural environment creates a special appearance. Furthermore, since all the stones are to be allocated sizes and colors, stone pavements of natural stone creates a uniqueness. Natural stone paving units - really durable, attractive for its colorful material. Stone paving the particular weathering and external effects from long used not only for patios, but streets and sidewalks base. Stone pavements no bursting, nesuirsta and nenublunka, these products in the old historic sites to our times is survived innumerable.
Longevity, versatility, many colors to choose from, excellent aesthetic appearance, ecology - has the following advantages stone paving. Natural stone can be laid only at the pavement and parks, they can be applied to facades, Outdoor Fireplaces, flowerbeds, fencing, various architectural elements of the garden decoration. Paving usually laid in two ways. Can be organized separate the stones one by one, however, this method is quite complicated, it requires a lot of patience and of course experience. The stones need to be compared, combine them to one another, application letter and also spend a lot of time. Another way is to lay a lot easier. Enough to buy ready-made stone mosaic tiles on the web. These mosaics are usually already sorted according to color and patterns ornaments. Prepared mosaic stone floor laid very easily, tereikiant them properly prepared substrate levels arranged next to one another, then spaces užšluoti stone dust. Stone dust over time hardens and strengthens the pavement. However, such a stone floor does not have the high performance, the pavements of natural stone. They are perfect for terraces grounds and other locations, where there is heavy traffic and the movement of. Totally inappropriate to lay, such as, Entry to the yard. Entry into the backyard to base it is advisable to use only natural, higher density rocks - basalt, kvarcitą, granitą, slate. Lower density stone - marble, sandstone due to moisture and temperature fluctuations can crack, discolor. It also places a larger load - Access, car parks, it is advisable to lay thicker layer of stones. Reduced load jobs - Terrace, grounds, paths for both the thinner layer of stones, which can be sanded, skelti ar deginti.
Degintų, cleaved or polished stone surface is rough, neslidus, because the surface of the cobbled stone path, will be comfortable to walk and, what matters most, slip during the cold season. Stone walkway to the main entrance of the house or the side can not be the only practical, but well decorated environment. A variety of expressive forms and curves designed stone walkway, track or lane, the various sites, not only integrates all environmental components, but has become a true centerpiece of the plot.
Stone-functional material, so are ideal for outdoor structures decoration or decorating the environment, but also for interior decoration and works. A perfect example - stone floors. Stone floors are laid in intensive indoor use - in stores, stations showrooms. Granitinio, marble and other natural stone surface of the stone floor, we can say, that is not only durable, but eternal, her flawless looks happy and easy maintenance. Certainly, Like all other surfaces, stone floor scratches, wear, but proper impregnation protects them from small scratches, dirt penetration and thus their maintenance becomes quite simple. Stone floor impregnant penetrates deeply into the pores of the stone and protects against various violations.


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